Venice FL

The secret is out; Venice is a beautiful little city. The city of Venice is conveniently located for easy travel for your next group or business trip, weekend getaway or a family vacation. With our variety of accommodations and things to do, there is truly something for everyone in Venice, Florida.

This is Venice

Like most sought after Gulf Coast communities, Venice people have a lot of outdoor activities available within reach of its many communities and neighborhoods. Well, the beaches of course where you can discover ancient shark’s teeth, warm water swims, go fishing, boating and naturally enjoy exceptionally beautiful sunsets for starters. However, we are not all beach people and others prefer to golf, play tennis, pickle-ball, or even table tennis. The downtown on Venice Island is quaint and Historic in character with many great restaurants and stores. Active cycling enthusiasts abound with access to the Legacy Trail for safe riding, and running.

Venice Business Directory

Venice Business Directory is a simple to use guide to the best local business, restaurants, attractions, and things to do. In the short time we’ve been here, we’ve seen so much change, so much development, so many cars and people. The quaint small city feel is being replaced by sprawl and congestion.

I have friends that tell me of their early Venice recollections when there was no light on Venice and US41, of farms with lots of cows and acres of orange groves.

We all love the great prices of corporate stores like Walmart, Target, Walgreens and Publix until we realize our small boutique on Venice Ave is closed. We love the convenience of a giant Wawa with its sandwiches, coffee and great gas prices then we notice the cute independent convenience store that’s been there forever is boarded up. We love to impulse buy through Amazon until we notice the cute little gift shop is now vacant.

Shop Local

We appreciate the big-name stores but we have to support our local stores.

Have you ever gone to a town where the stores on Main Street are boarded up, no local restaurants and the town center is desolate? It’s not a pretty sight. It’s a sad reality that big business is killing small business. We must cherish and support that remnant of the American Dream, owning a small business.

Beautiful Venice

That’s why we created Venice Business Directory. We love our local economy and we want the quaintness that attracted so many of us to Venice Florida flourish. We love our cozy restaurants, our friendly shop owners and small business owners.

We love our local service providers – mechanics, roofers, plumbers, healthcare professionals and more.

Getting things online is great but remember if you spend your money locally more of it remains local, supporting our neighbors and helping our local community.

Who We Are

We are recent transplants that fell in love with this city. Venice Business Directory is an organization helping small & Medium local business by providing visibility and access to Venice residents and visitors.

How We Serve

We found a way to help flourish the local community. Venice Business Directory is for businesses seeking to grow their organization with the latest online marketing strategies.

What We Offer

A friendly community where “The Best of The City on The Gulf” meets with those people living and visiting the Venice area looking for fun things to do, cute places to shop, restaurants to tempt their palate and trusted, qualified local business.

Venice Economy is Strong

Venice has an unemployment rate of 3.3%. The US average is 3.9%.

The population in Venice is 22,192 and growing. Lots more in the winter months.

Venice has seen the job market increase by 2.6% over the last year. Future job growth over the next ten years is predicted to be 42.2%, which is higher than the US average of 33.5%.

Venice should be rated as one of the top ten places to live and retire in the entire country

According to City Data

This means Venice is a community that can support small businesses. One way to view these statistics; a large part of population that prefers to have services provided (lawns cut, cars worked on, homes remodeled). A large group looking for activities to enjoy (tours, fishing, eating out, theater). A large portion that needs health services (doctors, gyms, massage, rehabilitation).

It’s not all good news. If you wanted to open up a snow mobile repair shop, a ski shop or snow plow company …

Venice averages 0 inches of snow per year. The US average is 28 inches of snow per year. Average annual precipitation – rainfall‎: ‎50.54 inch. The US average is 38 inches of rain per year. On average, there are 252 sunny days per year in Venice. Average temperature‎: ‎73.1°F

This is paradise and we want to help our local neighbors to succeed in paradise.

Venice Business Directory

We serve as a valuable resource for people currently living in Venice, Florida area. Many local people check our site to find information about stores, businesses, services and more.


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